Scandibørn was founded in 2016, born from a desire to bring Scandinavian inspired design to the UK and US market. The brand enjoyed record breaking sales this year and wanted to build on this success by using AI to improve their customer acquisition strategy.

Scandiborn were already working with Google Shopping agency, Adible, to manage and optimise their campaigns. They wanted to use AI Colletions with Increasingly to enhance their approach. The goal was was to make customers aware of additional products at the start of the journey to increase revenue.


The Google Shopping feed was improved by serving top selling product collections in Scandiborn’s Google Merchant centre and their Google Shopping campaigns via Adible. Specific brand terms were targeted, in conjunction with a highly granular campaign. This resulted in multiple ad listings and increased coverage within Google Shopping search results.

Using AI product Collections, Scandiborn were able to push their competitors below the fold and significantly improve their click through rate.

Independent , high converting AI-powered landing pages were built. Customers were given a unique experience that didn’t interfere with the rest of the site.


+42% in conversion rate

x4 increase in ad listing & Google Shopping coverage

Target cost of sale was 15%, we achieved 13%

Driving 11% of Google Shopping revenue


Increasingly & Adible have exceeded our expectations on every level, we are astounded by the performance so far, and are now rolling out the technology to all our EU territories. Thank you Adible for bringing this to us and your immeasurable help in making it happen.
Grace Tindall
Co-founder, Scandiborn
Activating Increasingly's AI Collections for Scandiborn's Google Shopping has delivered phenomenal ROI. We are thrilled to become the first agency, globally, to implement this ground-breaking technology.
Jay Burton
Sales Director, Adible
Working with Adible and Scandiborn to implement AI Collections within Google Shopping has given us the ability to showcase what our AI technology is capable of. We are so proud to add so much value within this new channel
Satish Jayakumar
Co-founder Increasingly

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