5th October

Why blogging and social media won't get you customers...

Well, not directly.

Social Stones

Blogging - and, more recently, social media, are too frequently seen as a solution to the sales 'problem' rather than the cog in the process they really are.

Can blogging be useful? Yes. Can social media be useful? Yes. But... they can both suck-up a lot of your time, energy and marketing budget without careful consideration.

They can help you set-out your personality. Help you connect with a new audience. If used correctly they can (especially social media) help with after-sales service. But if you expect to start Tweeting today, get 1,000 followers tomorrow and retire by the weekend then unfortunately you're in for a bit of a shock.

Blogging and social media take time. Building an audience, building trust, rarely happens overnight. People need time to connect with you, to find out who you are. But it can be incredibly rewarding if you do get it right.

There are other, less 'traditional' ways to use social media and blogging. Seth Godin, for example, breaks all the rules. There are no comments on his blog, nor does he ever interact on social media. Yet he has over 500,000 followers, and huge book sales, both the result of years of relentless self-promotion. The point is, there has to be something else beside the Twitter account or the blog. You have to see it through.

Do you want your social media activity to be 'broadcast'? i.e. are you just announcing blog posts, events, sales etc.? That's absolutely fine, but we'd suggest not bothering trying to build-up a large following and instead spending your budget on advertising on social media - if that's where your target audience is, of course.

(This is a useful time to repeat the warning: don't assume that what you like is always what your customers like. Just because you can't get enough of Twitter, doesn't mean they share the same enthusiasm. The important thing is to test and find out.)

Blogging and social media are, in most cases, just part of the sales funnel. In most cases, they're a very early part - something that's often forgotten. There are too many promises of instant successs, instant riches,

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