Luke 1977 Case Study

Luke 1977 has become one of the leading contemporary designer menswear brands in the UK.


Mens’ Fashion


Since its humble beginnings in the West Midlands in 2001 LUKE has developed into a leading contemporary menswear brand with a following stretching far and wide.

LUKE is a practical interpretation on contemporary menswear and has all the components of the modern lad, a gentleman, a working-class hero and a bit of a rogue. The brand draws strong influences from the tough elements of its native Birmingham. Foundry worker meets fashionista, Luke’s taste envelopes all. Luke’s ethos is to put a fashionable twist on any men’s garment but without over designing to retain a cool masculine look. The brand offers an exclusive look for an inclusive country, the United Kingdom of Luke.

Google Ads Objectives

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Google Ads Strategy

Year On Year Results

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Increase Revenue
132% Increase In Google Ads Revenue Since Starting With Adible
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Reduction Avg CPC
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