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Where do we start with Social Media? We all know the scale of it is absolutely huge. Billions of users across the world spend an average of over 2 hours a day across the different platforms available. This makes it a huge opportunity for online advertising – what better place is there to hit your target audience?

On paper, social media seems like an easy beast to tame but trust us, it’s not. That’s where we come in. At Adible, we work meticulously on ensuring your ads are optimised for conversions & are hitting the RIGHT audiences.

So what do we do specifically which will bring value to your business?

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram are two of the most important social media platforms in the world. In their own words, ” Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online”. Of the 50million+ active Facebook business pages in the UK, only 10% use the Facebook ads platform. This makes it a great channel for getting the edge on your competition, emphasising the need to know what you’re doing.
Use video, image, animation and carousel adverts to attract both new & existing customers to your website to generate conversions and smash your KPI’s!

is one of the
most efficient ways
to advertise online”

We take care of the entire setup process required to begin running ads on Facebook & Instagram:

Tracking: Installing Facebook’s tracking ‘Pixel’ on your site – Ensuring this is firing correctly and using the KPI’s which are important and provide value to your business.

Audience Creation: Setting up a complete range of targeting audiences, specific to who you want to reach and will convert best.

Campaign Creation: We build out campaigns based on your best performing & biggest product groups / services to ensure the ads we are running are relevant to the audience who sees them.

Building out Ads: We handle the (often pesky) task of building out the physical ads themselves for you. We always build our Ad Copy in-keeping with your brand in order to keep the image your brand portrays consistent & relevant to what your business provides. Of course, we are always happy to cater and amend the ads if you have a specific idea of what you want your customers to consume!

Creative Testing: We continuously A/B test multiple versions of ad copy and trial multiple ad formats in order to specify the media most likely to resonate with the customer viewing your ads.

Feed Optimisation: Creating, managing & optimising your Facebook product feed (should this apply to your business) to keep your ads showing your most up-to-date and strongest product offerings.

Data Driven Decision Making: We’ll continuously try new approaches to help bring the best return for your business. When we see the return you are happy with we drive on! We’re never happy to just sit on average performance.

Stop losing out: 96% of shoppers leave before they buy – we use our extensive knowledge and experience of effective retargeting ads to help bring them back and convert.

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Pinterest Ads

Pinterest has proven to be a legitimate ad channel for ecommerce, lead generation, publishing, and branding, and it’s one we certainly recommend for B2C clients.

On Pinterest, users search for inspiration and create boards they can revisit later with pinned content that interests them. Users who browse with commercial intent are sought after by advertisers because they’re more likely to convert, and we have definitely found this to be true for our clients.

Pinterest ads appear as Promoted Pins — Pins that are sponsored by a company — making it easier for users to discover and buy the products they want


Pinterest Ads offer three targeting options. Custom AudiencesInterests and Keywords.

We create custom audiences for you based on first-party customer data gathered either through the Pinterest Tag on your website (we will add this) or through your CRM system. This allows for really granular targeting and boasts a healthy ROAS.

Interests and Keyword targeting allows us to specifically target potential customers who fall in line with your target audience. Again, this can really help you grow your brand awareness or reach potential customers you think are likely to be interested in your product/service. This means the quality of traffic Pinterest generates for your business can be incredibly relevant and as a result convert really well!

Pinterest Shopping Ads

Pinterest has recently enabled merchants to advertise on the platform using a product feed for the first time ever. This is a huge development as businesses can now seamlessly turn their product catalog into visual, actionable ads.

Although new and in early stages of development, we at Adible have seen hugely impressive returns on ad spend on a number of Pinterest Shopping Campaigns – upwards of 5000% ROAS for some!

Pinterest themselves claim that “90% of Pinners make purchase decisions on the platform, and 70% say they use it to find new products”.


Shopping Ads can help you engage with your customers early, while Pinners are looking for inspiration. This makes it a great tool for generating brand awareness and gaining a foothold in demographics you are yet to reach. Because of this, the platform is hugely useful for assisting customers along the conversion funnel, working very well in assisting conversions with your other channels, i.e Google Search & Shopping, Facebook, Organic etc.

Not only is Pinterest great for building brand awareness and assisting conversions, it is also a great tool for generating sales directly through the platform. In our first month managing a well-established client’s Pinterest shopping campaigns, we generated an additional £20k in revenue directly through Pinterest Ad engagements and clicks alone. This doesn’t even factor in the assisted conversions Pinterest contributes to, which was over 300% more than this!

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“Working with Adible has been a breath of fresh air, they came up with a structured digital plan as well as advising on landing page optimisation, they have executed this with outstanding results so far.”

“As a well-known, trusted and successful retailer, I needed a fully managed service that gives me the personal service and understanding to help take my business to the next level. Adible delivered that and more – I could not be happier”

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